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Our Mission

To contribute to the Global economy and our environment by using international quality standards and high technology and knowledge

Our Vision

To be a global and leading organization with high competitiveness in its own sector

IBRAHIM KABA - Managing Director


  • To follow all primary and secondary legal regulations that will affect the quality of products and services and to ensure their fulfillment,
  •  To work customer-oriented and to increase customer satisfaction,
  • To value the participation of employees, to increase their motivation and to organize training teams to improve their qualifications,
  • To continuously improve and develop the Quality Management System and the effectiveness of its processes,
  • To closely follow the technological developments in our sector and to include the applicable ones in the process,
  • To consider suppliers as business partners and to ensure that they develop themselves with the assessment methods,
  • To be sensitive to all issues of OHS, to prevent occupational accidents, to reduce occupational diseases and to fulfill our social responsibility.
  • To leave a livable environment to the next generation by making production without harming the environment.


  • Working safely,
  • To fulfil all issues of OHS, to prevent work accidents,
  • To fulfil our social responsibility by reducing the work-related health issues,
  • To support activities on occupational health and safety,
  • To work in accordance with legal requirements and legislation,
  • To minimize the risks of accidents by performing risk analyzes and continuous improvements,
  • In order to achieve the goal of zero occupational accidents and occupational health related conditions; the risks arising from new product, process and engineering changes are identified and evaluated, and these risks are eliminated,
  • We act relevant and responsibly towards the occupational health and safety issues, information and public sensitivities that are on the agenda, and to work with all our stakeholders to ensure the development of health and safety culture and the development of standards.


As Dizayn Etiket Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. our basic principle is to pay attention to environmental impacts at every stage of our activity, to ensure a healthy and safe environment with a consciousness and effort beyond legal obligations with sustainable environmental awareness we are making investments for the environment. By using the latest technologies, we try to protect natural resources during our activity by minimizing the amount of waste harmful to the environment.

As Dizayn Etiket Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş, we will carry out activities to implement our policy;

  • To provide continuous development and improvement by complying all legal requirements and customer requirements related to environmental issues,
  • To do necessary studies within the scope of the determined environmental targets,
  • To ensure the protection of natural resources by using appropriate technologies that cause the least damage to the environment within the framework of technical and economic opportunities and reducing the use of raw materials,
  • To consider environmental impacts in plant and process design, to choose processes that can create less waste
  • To ensure the efficient use of energy and materials and to continuously improve our energy performance,
  • To minimize wastes, to prevent pollution at the source, to use energy efficiently and to reduce the negative effects of our activities on the environment,
  • To reduce air and water pollution, leakage, and spills as much as possible,
  • To reduce the use of packaging and to increase the use of recycled alternatives.
  • To ensure the participation of all our employees, subcontractors and the people of the environment by raising awareness about our responsibilities to the environment.


As Dizayn Etiket Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş, we guarantee to fulfill all our responsibilities. This document has been prepared to share with all our employees, stakeholders and business partners.

Our goal is to ensure the sustainability of Social Compliance with the use all the systems within our company together (ISO 9001: 2015, FSC-CoC, SEDEX, BSCI etc.).

Our Social Compliance Policy covers the following topics;



The term forced labor is defined as "all work or services that are requested from a person under any threat of punishment and that person is not willing to do."

Employees shall not be forced to work or be held in any way by force, through slavery, by contract, involuntarily, under duress or on the basis of imprisonment.

All employees are employed in appropriate positions voluntarily under equal conditions.

Employees cannot be expected to give "collateral" to their employers, to submit the identity documents of Turkish or foreign citizens to their employers, and they cannot be forced to work in this way.

Overtime is voluntary and cannot be forced to work.

Employees have the right to quit their jobs provided that they give notice within the notice period specified.



Employees are free to establish collective bargaining agreements, trade union rights and freedoms, and unity as well as all kinds of freedoms.

Employees' representatives are not discriminated against and comfortably perform their representative functions in the workplace.


A safe and hygienic working environment is ensured by taking into account the information applicable to the industry and all kinds of obvious hazards.

By minimizing the causes of danger in the working environment as much as possible,appropriate steps shall be taken to prevent all accidents and injuries arising from, related to or that may occur during the work.

Employees receive regular and formal health and safety training. These trainings are repeated at appropriate intervals.

The working environment of our employees is adequately equipped and all kinds of opportunities are offered to provide their basic needs under hygienic conditions.


Child labor; A person who has completed the age of 14, has not completed the age of 15 and has completed his / her primary education. Based on this definition, child labor, i.e. 15 or below, cannot be employed in our factory. In case of child labor coming to our company, the relevant policies, plans and action plans are applied.


The wage policy is evaluated according to the knowledge and skills of our employees and they are not paid below the minimum wage.

All employees are provided with understandable information about their wages prior to entering the job and the details of the wages they receive in each period in which they are paid.

No deduction of wages as a method of discipline or deduction of wages other than as provided by national law shall be permitted without the consent of the employee concerned. All disciplinary measures are recorded. The discipline and development of employees is ensured through trainings and instructions.


Working hours are regulated in accordance with national laws.

Employees are allowed to take a vacation using their weekly leave.

Overtime is optional and can not exceed 12 hours per week.

Overtime is not requested regularly. Over payments are paid in accordance with the law.


As Dizayn Etiket, there can be no discrimination in terms of employment, compensation, access to education, promotion or termination of employment or retirement based on race, social class, national origin, religion, age, gender, marital status, sexual preferences, political relations in our company.

In addition, during recruitment, job interviews and during the duration of the work, discrimination or harassment regardless of race, social class, national origin, religion, age, gender, marital status, sexual preferences cannot be applied and is absolutely not allowed.

Any verbal, physical and sexual approach that is not approved by the other party, any inexcusable physical contact, offer or touch, comments about a person's personal appearance, body or lifestyle related to his/her race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, disability or any other characteristic of the person are absolutely not tolerated and such harassment is not allowed.

There is no difference in the wages of the personnel performing the same duty in different religions, languages, races. When determining the wages of a staff member,it cannot be considered as a criterion that they are based on religion, language or race, and therefore there can be no difference.

Pregnancy test is not applied to female candidates in recruitment and pregnancy status cannot be questioned.

Employees have freedom of opinion and belief, and no discrimination is applied to anyone on issues such as language, religion, race, gender, social class, age and union membership.


Employees cannot accept direct or indirect gifts related to the company's business, cannot provide benefits and cannot accept debts from the persons or companies with whom the company has business relations.

Employees may not use confidential and non-public information about the company for their own benefit and those of others.

Employees, in principle, cannot work in a second job outside the company. However, employees are encouraged to fulfill their social responsibilities. For this purpose, with the approval of the General Manager and/or the Chairman of the Board of Directors, a position may be taken in an association, foundation, professional or educational organization that performs public service.

The resources and facilities of the company cannot be used to support political activities, political activities cannot be carried out within the company, donations cannot be made to political parties and political campaigns cannot be supported.

In the relations between employees, mutual respect, trust and cooperation are essential.

All employees fulfill their responsibilities for the protection and development of the company's respectable image. In this context, all employees take care that their personal situations and behaviors are within the framework of laws and general moral rules.

Making statements to the press and broadcasting organizations, publishing articles in the press and participating in conferences as a speaker can be carried out within the framework of the rules set out in the internal regulations of the company and by obtaining the approval of the General Manager.


Wherever possible, the work done is based on the employment relationship recognized by national laws and practices.

Labor law or social security laws and regulations arising from the regular employment relationship shall be applied without disregard of the obligations of return to workers.


Internal communication is very important for our personnel working in the company to be honest, transparent and healthy in the flow of information.

Internal communication in our company; computer network, intercom, meeting processes, dashboard and Canıas ERP Program. Along with these, our Suggestion and Complaint boxes are included. In our company, our Suggestion and Complaint Boxes together with the "Open Door Policy" (The management can always be accessed by the company personnel) are located in the company for people to submit their requests, suggestions and complaints easily and their places in the company have been carefully selected so that they can easily throw them into the box.

These boxes are opened once a month with the General Manager / Deputy and the Workers' Representative and a minimum of 2 people. The suggestions, complaints and requests that come out of the box, from the Open Door Policy and the "We Are There for a Solution" platform are evaluated and the results are recorded in the Board Meeting held monthly.


Psychological abuse; carried out by one or more persons in workplaces against other person or persons, which continues systematically for a certain period of time, aimed at intimidation, pacification or dismissal; is a set of malicious, intentional, negative attitudes and behaviors that harm the health values, professional status, social relations or health of the victim or victims.

Sexual harassment is defined as behavior that is directed towards the purpose of violating human dignity or that creates an unwanted, verbal, non-verbal or sexual physical and specifically hostile, humiliating, embarrassing and aggressive environment of any kind of sexual nature.

In our company, all forms of harassment such as verbal, sexual, psychological abuse and ill-treatment are prohibited.

Personnel who believe that they have been subjected to any of the forms of harassment described above should share the matter verbally or in writing with the management, labor representatives or department officer. The responsible person will organize an emergency meeting and share it with the relevant management, department responsible and worker representatives.

Depending on the form of harassment, termination of the employment contract or legal process will be initiated.

Harassment and/or misconduct is strictly not allowed in our company.


As Dizayn Etiket, we select and evaluate our suppliers according to the criteria we set. While this evaluation is carried out, we keep our suppliers under control, especially those affecting product, environment, health, etc. issues, and check whether our supplier meets the necessary requirements together with us.

We do not do business with units and people that we cannot easily control, that we are not sure under what conditions they work, and that we are not sure whether their rights are provided or not.



The self-declaration (Policy of the Union of Entities with FSC) on FSC-POL-004 is associated with the Forest Stewardship Council A. C., Oaxaca, Mexico or one of its subsidiaries or affiliates (hereinafter: FSC) by becoming a Member of the FSC or establishing a contractual relationship with the FSC.

The signatory organization with this www.fsc.org clearly  states that it has read and understands the "Policy of the Union of Organizations with FSC" published under it. This policy prescribes the FSC's attitude and dissociation mechanism regarding activities that are not acceptable to organizations and individuals who are already associated with the FSC or who want to be associated with it.

In the light of the above, it is now and in the future expressly acknowledged that as long as the relationship with the FSC exists, we cannot directly or indirectly accept the following activities:

  1. Illegal harvesting or illegal trade in forest products
  2. Violation of traditional or human rights in the forestry or forest products sector
  3. Violation of workers' rights and principles in the forestry or forest products sector as defined in the International Labour Organization's (ILO) Declaration of Basic Labour Principles and Rights
  4. Disposal of High Conservation Values (HCVs) in forests or areas of High Conservation Value
  5. Conversion of natural forest cover
  6. The use of genetically modified organisms in forestry activities for any purpose other than research

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