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Dizayn Etiket is the single point of contact for all your sustainable smart labelling solutions

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Sustainable Smart Labelling

Responsible sourcing and in house manufacturing are key strengths of Dizayn Etiket. Our global solution is tailored for on-line order management, price control and data analysis for retailers to optimise their supply chain and build on their green and sustainable goals.

Dizayn Etiket was founded in 1992 as a woven label and patch manufacturer. We moved to our first modern facility of 7,500m² in 1994. We have continuously invested in people and technology to offer the best possible service and products to our customers on a global scale. This has enabled us to offer a comprehensive package with a range of products and services, all of which we produce and control in-house, including woven labels, printed labels, hang tags, price tickets, packaging, sublimation, heat transfer, screen printed and leather patches.

We have also created a special department that manufactures woven and printed scarves that especially attract the attention of sports fans. With full design and manufacturing capabilities in-house, we can work with your marketing and purchasing teams to develop the very best products for your customers.

Through natural growth and demand from our globally based customers we have continued to build on our strong work ethic and commitment to become a complete solutions provider for our customers. Adding to our capacity requirements our new facility in Istanbul was completed in 2013 with a total indoor area of 10,000m². In 2014, we founded a new company in Bangladesh under the name of DZN Labels and purchased a facility with a floor area of 4,000m² and subsequently passed all the compliance audits to start manufacturing. In 2016, we increased our production capacity in Turkey and Bangladesh by additional machinery investments. In 2017, we established our Hong Kong office and started to provide service to our customers in China as well.

Once again through customer demand we have opened our dedicated service offices in the UK and Spain to help service both mainland Europe and the UK.

We have also added production capabilities in China, Vietnam, Pakistan, India, Spain, and Portugal to continue this amazing story and we look forward to providing solutions and services to all our existing and future customers.

Responsible business at the
heart of local communities

Our goal is to focus on what has become known as the Triple Bottom Line, People, Planet, Profit with the central theme being sustainability.

From the very beginning of our journey in Turkey we have invested in our people through training, career advancements, social help, and support as well as best working practices to give a solid base for our employees, their families, and local communities to thrive.

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