Woven & Printed Scarves

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For decades scarves have been one of the most attractive accessories in the sporting arena for fans to show their loyalty to their home team.

The Colours & emblems enable the supporter to feel part of the team and our intelligent slogans and unique designs help the supporter to show their true allegiance to the team of their choice, making them feel part of a wider family. We feel that our scarves help and provide a quality product that your fans would expect to find in your shops ensuring that your brand value, matches their expectations. We are happy to offer this service of providing you with well-designed and good quality scarves with very short lead times.

Woven Scarves

We mainly use acrylic yarns in our products, allowing us to create fine detail to recreate your design. As we move into a more sustainable environment we are happy to work with you and use more eco-friendly and sustainable yarns to help the planet.

Colours: We can weave up to 8 different colours in a scarf and can generate colour pictures using a digital colour technique.

Edges: All edges are over locked to provide comfort to our customers which has the added benefit that it also makes scarves last longer.

Ends/Fringes: Both ends come with soft white fringes. Upon request-coloured fringes are sewed with a small charge.
Size/Dimensions: Adult Size (20x145cm), Kids Size (15x120cm), Mascot Size (10x55cm)


Printed Scarves

Also known as summer scarves, silk scarves or shawls. We use polyester, satin, jersey in this product and can print on them with photographic quality on both sides. You can create lifelike designs of your favourite player or location with amazing detail.

Colours: The big difference between woven and printed scarves is that there are no limits with the number of colours you can use. Colour photographs or graphics can be transferred onto a scarf perfectly.

Edges: Only one edge is over locked from the inside of the scarf which makes it more comfortable to use.

Ends/Fringes: Both ends come with soft white fringes. Upon request-coloured fringes are sewed with a small charge.

Size: Standard size (17x135cm)