Askı Etiketleri ve Etiketler

Dizayn Etiket, tüm sürdürülebilir akıllı etiketleme çözümleriniz için tek iletişim noktasıdır

RFID Etiketleri

Sallantı kartınızın veya etiketinizin boyutu ne olursa olsun, RFID gereksinimlerinizin kullanımını en üst düzeye çıkarmak için doğru kakmayı tasarlayabilir ve uygulayabiliriz.

Wet veya dry inlayler kullanarak tüm ihtiyaçlarınızı karşılıyoruz ve mevcut RFID programınıza uyabilir ve kullanıcı dostu yazılım ve donanımımızı kullanarak programı sıfırdan oluşturmanıza yardımcı olabiliriz

Ordering is easy
with our online portal

Online Ordering & Proofing Platform

Dizayn Portal is a fully functional online proofing and purchasing platform. With secure access hierarchy Retailers can set up decision and access rights giving them full management reporting information for all their orders past and present.

It has the ability to take your data directly from your supplied files and generate artworks for your variable data items like care labels. With visual online approvals you can click the button for instantaneous approval and automatically process your data without human intervention and misinterpretation of this crucial information.

You can automatically track your orders via the automated link generated by the system and run several management reports to give you the history, activity and volumes per region and manufacturer.

The intuitive user friendly portal will give your supply chain and business a simple and effective way to handle a complex data in a secure environment.

"We are very pleased to work with Dizayn Etiket based on the Quality and Customer Service provided . With excellent communication you continue to deliver on time without sacrificing quality."

"It is a pleasure to work with Dizayn Etiket. We have great appreciation for the continued support and first class communication between our teams."

“Customer representatives respond quickly to our calls and accelerate our work when required. If barriers appear Dizayn always deliver a suitable solution.”


“We are extremely happy that Dizayn Etiket, whose professional support and understanding about our brand perception, customer, order and time management, is a part of our family. Thank you for this professional perspective and support in the operation both locally and globally. ”

LC Waikiki – Trim Merchandiser

“Thank you very much for your production and customer service teams dedication on our projects for tags and trims. I am glad you are here.”

Koton – Senior Buyer

“We have been working with Dizayn Etiket for many years and are very happy with their on time deliveries, good quality and excellent communication.”


“We have been working with Dizayn Etiket for many years and are highly satisfied with their lead-times, product quality and customer service. We thank them and wish them continued success for the future.”


Dizayn Etiket is uniquely placed to offer full-service solution to its customers, enabling them to meet all their labelling and packaging requirements from a single source offering many key advantages:


Secure Online ordering system with online catalogue for all your products


Convenience in placing orders with dynamic tracking for all your deliveries


Single point of contact to a highly trained and dedicated service team


Single delivery for all your packaging and trim requirements

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