What is RFID System?

Although each system varies in device types and complexity, each RFID system includes at least the following four components:

  • Readers
  • Antennas
  • Labels
  • RF Cables
    The simplest system consists of a mobile handheld terminal / RFID reader and RFID tags. More complex systems are designed using multi-port readers, GPIO boxes, additional functional devices (eg lights indicating machine status), multiple antennas, RF cables, RFID tags and compatible software. One of the most important factors affecting RFID Systems is environmental factors.

Environmental Factors

RFID systems can be sensitive to certain materials and environmental factors that cause reduced reading distances and may affect overall system accuracy. Metals and liquids are the two most common sources of obstacles for RFID applications, but this problem can be mitigated by appropriate RFID tags, equipment, and planning. When UHF RFID is more widely used with liquid-filled materials or metal materials, there will be fewer problems with new methods to reduce these problems. In addition, custom label placement and spacers are some of the techniques that can help mitigate the effects of such problems.