In order to prevent the imitation of our customers’ brands and products, we offer an extensive precaution package. However, since such precautions must remain confidential, we only offer this package through face-to-face meetings.

Design Collection

With these collections, we aim to provide a source to inspire our customer while developing their own designs. We create our collections annually from designs that we prepare by combining the latest technology with our own creativity. At Dizayn Label, we also offer design services for our customers.

Eco Solutions

In order to support our customers’ commitment to environmental principles of reduce, reuse and recycle, we have prepared a collection of ecological labels. By offering such ideas and services, we aim to fulfill our duty to secure our world’s environmental future.

Online Ordering System

Our data processing team has generated a web-based solution for our customers to place and track their orders online. This system, named Dizayn Portal, shortens the approval process by creating automatic artworks for care instructions. You can access this system through the link on our homepage.