Customer Services

We deliver the right product at the right time. We approach our customers through our customer representatives equipped with the required knowledge and the desire to prioritize customer satisfaction.


While we distribute across Istanbul daily using our own delivery vehicles, outside Istanbul we work with whichever courier companies offer the quickest service in each region.


Thanks to our ERP software, our customer representatives can track on-screen every stage of the manufacturing of your order and inform you immediately of anything you wish to know

 Fast Production

We are able to respond to large orders through our large manufacturing capacity in order to provide the quickest manufacturing of every product type.

 Auto Notification

When the manufacturing of an order is completed, our system reports this automatically to our customer via e-mail; and we send the order to our customer on the same day.


We use explanatory stickers and our packaging includes all details about the order.

 Artwork Automation in Care Labels

We are able to create care label artworks within minutes through artwork automations that we created through our own in-house software. This enables us to develop brand-specific software that meets our customers’ demands in this regard.

 Automation in Price Tickets

For price tickets, we can create automatic artworks and assemblies untouched by human hands by transferring them to templates thanks to the software with which we prepare details known as variant data, such as size, bar code and price. This enables us to respond to our customers very quickly to obtain their artwork approval and complete the manufacturing process as soon as possible.

 Easy Online Ordering Systems

Our own software, Dizayn Portal, is a platform that allows you to place your orders online. This system also creates instant artworks for care labels with the software that we prepared for certain brands, and makes the approval process instantaneous.