Jacron is a unique paper material with a leather-like look. Our Jacron Patches withstands industrial washes, passes needle detectors and does not tear. Jacron patches are excellent for printing, it can accommodate lots of detail and easily matches PMS colours. Jacron paper can also be embossed.

Our Jacron Patches are also environmentally friendly. Accredited by both the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) and Oeko-Tex, professional bodies which ensure that the material is responsibly sourced and produced, it is also recognised as a vegan-friendly material and a viable alternative to many leather-based products.

You can see some of the Jacron Paper Patch samples that we have produced in below galleria.

Featured features:

Withstand stone washing and enzyme washing, and dry-cleaning.

Dimensionally stable and do not shrink or stretch.

They are lightweight and easy to handle.

Highly abrasion resistant and durable.

Has high stitch tear and wet strength for washing and outdoor exposure.

Can be easily stitched as a label onto denim garments including jeans.

Can be printed, laminated, coated and screen-printed to suit your requirements.

Provides a leather effect touch and feel which is ideal for internal and external applications.

Have natural fibre construction.

Available in a variety of colours.

Free of harmful substances (e.g. AZO dyes).