REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) is the new chemicals policy of European Union and an EU law, which gathers together much existing legislation regarding chemicals in European Union under a single umbrella. At DizaynEtiket, we use chemicals in accordance with the REACH by-law and continuously adopt its innovations. Compliance with the by-law allows us to gain more information about the chemicals we use, and also to offer the highest protection for human and environment health.  

Environmentally Friendly

At Dizayn Etiket, we care about human health and the environment. Therefore, we give maximum importance to ensuring that the materials we use in manufacturing are suitable for the environment and human health within the framework of international standards. We also document this with quality certifications.

Personnel Training

Through continuous environmental training of employees, we keep alive environmental consciousness in our firm.

Waste Management

Dizayn Etiket deals with waste management to international standards, and has successfully passed all municipality and Ministry of Environment audits. All our waste is sorted and collected by companies that we choose that have been approved by the Ministry of Environment.

 Office Waste

We also separate our office waste, from general public waste disposal as well as having a separate box for paper waste on each desk. Paper waste is collected separately and sent to a recycling company.

Collecting Batteries

We also collect used batteries separately from other waste before having them collected by expert disposal firms. 

Reusing Waste Heat

We started to use heat generated from our machines through a project that we developed in 2013. Each machine generates heat while operating and usually energy-consuming cooling systems are needed to get rid of it. 
We installed a system to use the heat generated from our machines for heating our building, thereby saving the energy that we previously used for cooling the machines while reducing the energy needed to heat the building.

Packaging Project

We removed our logo from the cardboard boxes that we use for order delivery, which has enabled our customers to reuse the boxes for their own needs. Thus, we reduced energy costs and paper usage.