Color management is the name given for the overall process that we follow in order to make sure our presses provide the best printing results for our customer every time.
There is a color management process in our factory running from the graphics to the post-printing stage. 

Our print department is illuminated with daylight bulbs. In our wide machine section, we use printing machines with the latest technology. Our machines are regularly maintained and adjusted while we ensure that the working conditions enable the highest printing standards

Our graphics department is designed as a big light cabinet and illuminated by daylight lamps. Our colour management work starts here with results closest to those to be output in printing being viewed on Eizo monitors.

Colors are measured with a color measuring device called a spectrophotometer both during and after printing. This ensures that printing stays within the tolerance values required by our customers. Reports for the color of each printed work are sent to each customer along with their order.

In color-making in our laboratory, illuminated with daylight lamps, all mixtures are prepared using measurement with precise scales and their prescriptions are kept in a computer.

Our color management studies and the high standards that we achieve have been recognized  by FOGRA, which is a leading German organization in this respect, and by an ISO 12647 certificate.

We record lab values giving the coordinates of all prepared colors in the color space. In later color studies, these values are referenced to provide consistency in color.

Finally, our company was recently audited by Mellow Colour, who provides colour quality management systems for some of the world’s most colour critical brands, and gained the right to join the Mellow Colour 100 Club, having achieved a 100% print score.
We also obtained the ISO 12647 certificate from Mellow Colour.